Looking Back on the 2018 Game: A Message from the Grebe Family

cropped-2016-logo.jpgFor each of the past eight years our family has been humbled by the support of many friends at the Bridger and Essex Grebe Softball Challenge.  This year was certainly no exception.  We could not overstate our appreciation and gratitude for everything that all of you have helped us accomplish through the Bridger and Essex Grebe Fund – as well as helping us keep the memories of the boys alive.  Thank you.

Perhaps above all we want to once again express our gratitude to Connie and Reik Read for creating this special way to help other families while we remember both Bridger and Essex.  The funds raised during the event support the Bridger and Essex Grebe Fund, which in turn supports families with children who have needs similar to those that Bridger and Essex had, but who do not have the good fortune to be able to afford the life-changing therapy, assistance, and equipment that those children need.  In addition, while we have talked about our hope that someday we will be able to support efforts to develop a cure for INAD, this year that dream is beginning to become a reality.  Although we are still counting the proceeds, the event will have raised more than $25,000 which will go directly to the INADCure Foundation to help fund new research that is designed to find a cure for INAD.  We cannot imagine a better legacy for Bridger and Essex than to help drive the development of a cure.

Again, thank you.

For those of you who were able to attend, you witnessed an entertaining game, if not one that was consistently played at a high level.  We continued the new tradition of young guns versus old men, with some new faces.  The young guns once again prevailed, this time after eleven innings and in spite of the ringers recruited by the old men – including especially the USM Varsity baseball and football coaches!   As always, the winning bidders definitely contributed – thanks to Laine Bolton and George Schelble on the “young guns” and Mark Behnke on the “old men.”

We hope everyone enjoyed the event.  Pictures will be uploaded on the website in the next few weeks.  If you weren’t able to make the event but still want to make a donation you are – of course – still able to do so online.  http://www.greatermilwaukeefoundation.org/donors/give-online/give-bridger-stowe-grebe-fund/

As always, we really cannot adequately express our appreciation for the remarkable generosity and support of friends, family, and colleagues – especially when that support has been so enduring and extends far beyond one summer afternoon.  Our family is blessed in many ways, not the least of which is being part of this wonderful community.  We are grateful for that every day.

We look forward to seeing you next year at the Ninth Annual Bridger and Essex Grebe Softball Challenge!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything.

The Grebe Family

Grebe family

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