Welcome! Join us to Support the Fight Against INAD

Grebe family

cropped-2016-logo.jpgFor each of the past nine years our family has been humbled by the support of many friends at the Bridger and Essex Grebe Softball Challenge. We cannot overstate our appreciation and gratitude for everything that all of you have helped us accomplish through the Bridger and Essex Grebe Fund – as well as helping us keep the memories of the boys alive.  Thank you.

Perhaps above all we want to once again express our gratitude to Connie and Reik Read for creating this 2019 Game Graphicspecial way to help other families while we remember both Bridger and Essex.

The funds raised during the event support the Bridger and Essex Grebe Fund, which in turn supports families with children who have needs similar to those that Bridger and Essex had, but who do not have the good fortune to be able to afford the life-changing therapy, assistance, and equipment that those children need.

To date, we have raised more than $425,000 to support to families who have children with INAD or similar conditions, including funding programs or institutions that support those children, provide therapy for those children, or work to develop better treatments — or even a cure. In 2018, all funds were donated to the INAD Cure Foundation for Research (INADcure.org). We have also provided a research grant to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation for support of the undiagnosed and rare disease program, as well as funded several intensive therapy scholarships for Partners in Progress.

With your support, we look forward to continuing these efforts, and doing even more. We cannot imagine a better legacy for Bridger and Essex.

Again, thank you.

Registration for the Aug. 18, 2019, game is now open. If you weren’t able to make the event but still want to make a donation you are – of course – still able to do so online.

The Grebe Family