Thank You From the Grebe Family and the Bridger & Essex Grebe Fund!

On behalf of the Grebe family – along with the other families who you help – thank you for your support of the Bridger and Essex Grebe Fund and the 12th annual Softball Challenge. 

The money raised during the event supports the two goals of the B&E Fund: providing support directly to needy families with children who have conditions similar to Bridger and Essex, and supporting research directed at finding a cure for INAD.  Therapy, equipment, and other services make a tremendous difference to children – but they are expensive and typically not covered by insurance.  And as we shared at the event, research toward a cure has progressed significantly over the last year, and as soon as enough funds are raised the researchers working on the project will begin moving towards clinical trials, which is a significant step forward.  That is a remarkable development and the research seems to be progressing rapidly.

While the final dollars are still being tallied, it looks like we might come close to matching or exceeding last year’s fundraising total of $50,000, which will enable the B&E Fund to make another significant contribution to INADCure for gene therapy fundraising campaign toward clinical trials.  We are very grateful for the generosity of family, friends, colleagues, and even people we have never met.  Thank you.

Although we escaped rainfall, the Old Men (and a Woman) could not escape yet another loss to the Young Guns.  (The Old Men were also unable to escape without at least one injury.)  As the Young Guns extended their unbeaten streak to another year Michael is looking forward to recruiting the entire starting lineup for the Lakeshore Chinooks to make up the Old Men’s team next year.

The Softball Challenge was developed and inspired by Connie and Reik Read as a way to help other families while we remember Bridger and Essex and celebrate their lives.  Our family is lucky to have the Read family as such dear friends – thank you Connie and Reik.

Pictures of the event will be uploaded on the website in the next few weeks.   If you weren’t able to attend the event but still want to make a donation you are – of course – able to do so online.

Once again, thank you to everyone for helping make this event successful, for supporting the B&E Fund and the families it helps, and for helping us remember the joy and meaning that Bridger and Essex brought to our lives.  We are truly grateful.  Look forward to seeing you at the 13th annual softball challenge next year.

The Grebe Family

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