Thank You! Join us to Support the Fight Against INAD

Grebe family

Thank you for contributing to the success of the Softball Challenge and the Bridger and Essex Grebe Fund! Our family is blessed to have your support.

The change in venue to Thiensville Village Park didn’t change what matters — great weather, fun, and incredible support from family, friends and colleagues. Unfortunately it also did not change the outcome, as the Young Guns defeated the Old Men (and Woman) for an 11 straight year, although the Old Men (and Woman) scored a victory by injuring nothing more than their pride.

The funds raised during the event support the Fund, which has two goals. First, its supports families with children who have needs similar to those that Bridger and Essex had, but who do not have the good fortune we did to be able to afford the life-changing therapy, assistance, and equipment that make such a difference. And second, the money raised supports research directed at finding a cure for INAD. Over the past two years researchers have moved much closer to finding that cure – and because of your generosity the Fund is able to support that work. Kelly will be posting more details about the promising efforts on the Fund’s website.

This year’s event raised more than $50,000 – our highest total ever. In 11 years, the Fund has raised almost $700,000. Those dollars have provided scholarships to families for intensive therapy programs, supported genetic research at Children’s Wisconsin and supported the extensive INAD research efforts of the INAD Foundation. Again, thank you for helping make this happen.

This event would not exist without Connie and Reik Read. It was their idea to create this special way to help other families while we remember Bridger and Essex and celebrate their lives. Connie and Reik made a special effort to be there last night after dropping their eldest child off for his first year of college. We are lucky to count them as dear friends – thank you Connie and Reik.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event. Pictures will be uploaded on the website in the next few weeks. (Thank you Suzanne Mock). If you weren’t able to attend the event but still want to make a donation you are – of course – able to do so online.

Once again, thank you to everyone for helping make this event successful, for supporting the Fund and the families it helps, and for helping us remember the joy and meaning that Bridger and Essex brought to our lives. We are truly grateful.

And … we look forward to seeing you next year at the 12th Annual Bridger and Essex Grebe Softball Challenge!

The Grebe Family